we take marketing & sales teams from bad busy to good busy with productivity secrets

customized training and coaching solutions

your challenge - bad busy

A Fortune 30 client study determined that up to 80% of employee time is lost to unproductive activities and general confusion.

Are you constantly running out of time? Is your team busy but not productive? Are you lacking clarity and a sense of direction?

Managing time and resources is one of the biggest fundamental roadblocks for any marketing & sales manager and leader.

Even worse, often, we don’t even realize what we’re giving up: profits, talents, time, health, happiness and more.

What is the toll of bad busy on you, your team and your business?

our promise - good busy

We build a bridge to take you from bad busy to good busy.

Curious organization freaks with 15 years of client-side executive operations, we customize our playbook for you and your problem.

Our training and coaching framework, Good Busy, is the blend of our business experience and the evidence based organization skills knowledge.

We help you solve your specific problem by teaching and coaching for the right kind of curiosity and lasting organization habits.

In addition to an average gain of 30% in time, our clients report reduced inefficiency costs and growing feeling of fulfillment.

Hi, I am Kate, your productivity trainer and coach.

Stop drowning! Make it the good kind of busy for you and your team!

our business experience includes

our playbook for results and success

The Good Busy, our customizable training & coaching framework for the good kind of busy

organizational skills & productivity
self-mastery & responsibility
time & focus management

01organization habits to bridge the gap to your desired productivity

02sustainable techniques to achieve more with less

03secrets to growth, freedom and fulfillment

04tailored solutions to your inefficiency problem


who can benefit

01people who manage people

Whether you are a marketing & sales senior manager or director our framework optimizes your and your team's productivity, creating a more fulfilling workplace and giving you time for so much more

02curious business owners

Whether you are a business owner or a small group of likeminded business owners, curious about how organization skills and curiosity grow your fulfillment and optimize your output with less, our framework is for you


our certifications